"Local Hero" Canadian Finalist

Paige Glazier Recognized as a Hero For Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the World

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On February 11, 2013, British Columbia’s very first family day, Paige’s parents received a phone call informing them of slanderous graffiti written about their daughter. Her peers, the social circle she called her friends, left a bold message in bright orange spray paint on the side of her school: “Paige Glazier is a c**t”.

“I wanted to turn the negative experience that I have been through into something positive.”

Paige knew that something had to change. She’s grateful for many local initiatives that have taken a stand against bullying, but she knew that solving the bullying problem takes more than wearing a pink shirt once a year. Paige decided to take one step back and work with elementary schools to encourage prosocial behaviour in children ­­ way before they enter into the unrelenting social drama more commonly known as “high school”. By reaching kids at a younger age and interacting with them in a school setting, Team Orange can help make an impact by encouraging kids to create positive social environments.

Inspired by the orange paint used to defame her character, Paige founded Team Orange, a pro­social behaviour campaign that teaches elementary­ aged children the values of inclusion, loyalty and respect. According to the Team Orange website , “Team Orange addresses issues at their root, rather than responding to their consequences.” Team Orange helps change the way kids think and challenges the way they approach various interactions with their peers. As these young minds progress through various stages in school, they’re equipped with positive tools to encourage prosocial behaviour in all future environments.

After years of being bullied, Paige has since been to countless local schools teaching kids how empathy can make a difference in their social world and equipping them with practical tools to face modern­ day bullying as well as helping them build resilience in negative environments. Local districts have started to take notice; in fact, a Surrey School District has even adopted Team Orange! Paige’s natural charisma and warm character draw kids to her as they participate in various skits and activities and gain better understanding about the social consequences of their thoughts and actions. She has received phone calls from parents and school administrators all over the country, asking if she would come to their school and share her story. Paige has spoken at International Women's Day, has been part of We Day Vancouver and has completed the White Rock Youth Ambassador Program, designed to foster future community leaders through networking and mentorship. She has also participated in the BC Ambassador Program to promote Team Orange provincially.

Through her work with Team Orange, Paige was also recently nominated in the Social Action category of the Me to We awards. The Canadian Living Me to We Awards honours extraordinary Canadians who are building a better world. The awards are divided into six unique categories: Youth in Action (13­17), Youth in Action (12 and under), In the Community, Social Action, Educator and Free The Children Youth.

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Paige Glazier