Our story

On February 11, 2013, BC’s first family day, Paige’s parents received a phone call informing them of a slanderous graffiti message written about Paige in bright orange spray paint on the side of her school.

"Team Orange addresses issues at their root, rather than responding to their consequences."

After experiencing years of bullying, this was the final straw; Paige knew that something had to change.  Inspired by the bold orange letters used to defame her character, she decided to launch Team Orange,­­ a prosocial behaviour campaign geared towards changing the way kids think and interact with their peers. 

“I wanted to turn the negative experience that I have been through into something positive.” 

Rather than launching another anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness of the effects of bullying, Team Orange seeks to create positive change within communities.  In her presentations, Paige teaches elementary aged children Team Orange's three world values of inclusion, loyalty, and respect in attempts to equip them with behavioural tools that allow them to manoeuvre various social situations.