Gordon Hogg
M.L.A. (Surrey-White Rock)

"Her personal values, respect for others, caring and respect for self and for community are reflected in her actions and accomplishments.  Her engaging personal presence has a positive energizing effect on people."
"She is a remarkable young woman, role model, an inspiration and a living example of what we might all aspire to - a giving citizen."

Jaclyn Blaney
(Safe Schools - Surrey School District)

"Students in the Surrey School District greatly enjoyed having Paige visit their schools to share her experiences with bullying and how she was able to move forward.  Her openness gave students an opportunity for open dialogue about issues that they have been facing and for schools to focus on behavioural aspects that have been prevalent.  Through the facilitation skits, students were able to see the behaviours that would cause conflict and solutions to combat those behaviours  There was never a lack of student participation and enthusiasm with this program and we look forward to continuing to have Team Orange visit our schools.

Stephanie Cadieux
M.L.A. (Surrey-Cloverdale)

"A few years ago, Paige was a victim of extreme bullying at school.  Fuelled by this very difficult and negative experience, Paige decided she wanted to make a positive for children and youth who may be experiencing a similar circumstance.  She developed a program that is now known as Team Orange - a Pro Positive Social Behaviour movement."
"... I had the honour co-hosting an International Woman's Day event in 2014 with Paige and it was a true pleasure.  Her story and program are focused on kids, but her message is just as valuable and inspiring to adults."

Nancy Shewfelt
Business Woman of the Year

"...my admiration for Paige is evident in her accomplishments; however this is just the start for her. She has found her purpose in life and that is making a difference in young people’s lives. I hope you see the same light as I do in this compassionate young woman."

Wayne Baldwin
Mayor (White Rock)

"Paige Glazier is an outstanding member of our community who takes an active role in targeting the root causes of bullying by reaching out to youth to build strong values of inclusion, loyalty and self-esteem and providing information and tools for those that ay be experiencing the negative impacts of bullying."