What is Team Orange?

Team Orange is a pro-social behaviour campaign that teaches elementary aged children the values of inclusion, loyalty and respect.  We choose these three words to represent Team Orange because at a young age kids demonstrate mistreat, exclusion, and betrayal. Team Orange wants to change these behaviours by teaching the positive side through fun and engaging presentations at schools. Our presentations help kids make positive choices about friendships through giving them a fresh perspective on the values of inclusion, loyalty and respect.  



Why is Team Orange different?

Team Orange teaches young people how valuable they are. We focus on building up positive behaviour. Our presentations give tools to students and teachers to make the classroom a safe and inclusive space. 

We get that anti­bullying campaigns are important. Lots of kids are suffering the effects of bullying in silence. But, in order to make a lasting impact in society, we need to target problems at the root cause. Team Orange is different because we connect with children at a stage before bullying has become a problem. We speak to young children in elementary schools and start by building up the values of inclusion, loyalty and respect. At an early age, we invest in helping equip kids with the right behavioural tools in order to maneuver various social situations in the future. 


Three Reasons to book Team Orange:

1.  Interactive presentations - Personal stories and audience-led activities engage kids, helping them adopt the Team Orange message of respect, inclusion, and loyalty.

2. Research-supported strategies - Give kids the tools to manage challenging social situations and take action to make positive change in peer to peer relationships.

3. Community-building experience  - Team Orange presentations provide a rallying point for schools to reference that help drive social change in student behaviour.


Who We Are:


Paige Glazier - Founder

In response to a traumatic personal bullying experience, Paige created Team Orange. She’s spent the past few years presenting the team’s three core values in school presentations, spreading awareness at events like We Day, and co-authoring three storybooks to educate and empower young people.


Caitlin Jones - Co-Author

Caitlin studies English Literature at the Universityof British Columbia, and plans to go into Elementary Education. She has completed classes in Children’s Literature, and as a result has co-authored Team Orange’s three books. (Yes, more Team Orange books to come!)


Gabriella Galvez - Illustrator

Gabriella holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a concentration in illustration. She works primarily in children’s book illustration and was the illustrator behind The True Princesses.